An easier approach to meeting
shareholder and governance needs
You can deliver the shareholder insight your board and senior executives require and the level of engagement your shareholders demand – without breaking a sweat. At Broadridge, we’ll provide you with the ideas and insights that will help you do just that.

The Future Is Virtual for Annual Meetings
Just a few years ago, a virtual shareholder meeting was thought of as a novelty, something only for tech-curious first adopters to try. However, increasing adoption in the US indicates that this virtual annual meeting approach is more than just a trend – it’s a viable option for annual meetings.
Five questions you need to ask to get the most from your transfer agency relationship

Peter Breen, General Management of Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, offers five questions you should ask to ensure that you – and your shareholders – are getting the most benefit from your transfer agency relationship.

1. What are your current transfer agency needs? Watch now
2. What is the renewal process? Watch now
3. What are all the fees charged by your transfer agency? Watch now
4. What is the service level your shareholders anticipate? Watch now
5. What are your attrition costs? Watch now
Five Weeks of Certainty: Converting to a New Transfer Agent
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