Retirement Communications
The field of retirement communications, while changing and challenging, offers the opportunity for a new dialogue in the industry. In this report, we discuss emerging and future trends to guide retirement plan providers in developing a communications strategy.
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While effective communications with retirement plan participants can offer a competitive edge for providers, communications delivery adds costs in a thin-margin business. New plan features and technologies have created complexities and opportunities—and thus a need for a new model.

With three generations currently in the workplace, providers must deliver more personalized and interactive communications. We see trends emerging within strategy development in the following four areas:
  1. Segmentation
  2. Channel optimization
  3. Data integration and management
  4. Metrics
Our new white paper, "Retirement Communications: Emerging and Future Trends" aims to help you gain insight into these industry challenges and stimulate a dialogue about how to address these trends in your short and long‐term plans. It offers a framework for designing new solutions for the participant experience that will help overcome the nation's retirement challenge.
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